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Order Form

If you do not have a school purchase order available, print this page and 
FAX or mail the form to the number or address shown below. 

Please include your e-mail address and phone number.

FAX Purchase Order to: 704-535-5189

Locks 4 Schools Order Form

Southeast Lock Supply
P.O. Box 206
Milwaukee, WI 53201
Phone: 800-959-3440  FAX: 704-535-5189

Bill to: Ship to:
Date P.O. # Phone #
Ship Date E-Mail FAX #
Name (Print) Signature
Quantity Model Description Cost each Total
Control Key See note *
Chart Book N/C
Call for prepaid terms Plus Freight
Terms - Net 30 days Total

* If you're trying to match the key of your new locks to your existing locks, specify the Key Number.
The number  may be stamped on the key.  If you'd like to start a new key, mark "NEW SYSTEM".