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ADA Built-in Key Locks
Master Lock's line of built-in ADA compliant key locks is offered with a special key specifically designed for easy grasping and manipulation meeting Federal  Government ADA guidelines under 28 CFR Part 36 and ANSI A117 standards. The oversize key head is designed for easy grasping and manipulation with a turning force of less than 5 lbs. For Electronic built-in locker locks by Zephyr click HERE.
Master Lock built-in ADA key locks
  • High security, 5 pin tumbler cylinder for superior pick resistance
  • Easy to install; designed to fit most lockers
  • Keyed alike, master keyed and group keyed options provide complete flexibility to match your requirements
  • Two keys provided for each lock
  • Easy to operate, large key head
  • Keys and key heads are replaceable
  • Key code is visible inside key head
Model # Description List Price 1-99 100 300500+
 1710ADA  Built-in deadbolt lock for lockers with either right-handed or  left-handed doors;  keyed  different $14.87 $8.85 $8.40 $8.20 $8.00
 1710ADAMK  Same as above with the  addition of supervisory Master  key access. (Master key must  be order separately) $19.81 $12.00 $11.30 $11.10 $10.95
 1714ADA  Built-in automatic locking  springbolt lock for lockers with  either right or left-handed doors;  keyed differently. $14.87 $8.85 $8.40 $8.20 $8.00
 1714ADAMK  Same as above with the  addition of supervisory Master  key access. (Master key must  be order separately) $19.81 $12.00 $11.30 $11.10 $10.95
 KM1710  Master Key $8.44 $4.90    

ADA Built-in Combination Locks
Master Lock's ADA built-in combination locks can be opened three ways: student ADA user key with large key head - opens one lock , supervisory control key opens all locks, and combination like other locks in the$9.15 installation. Locks look like all the other built-in locker locks so student is not singled out. Available in  various models to fit all locker applications. Master key sold separately.
Master 1676ADA
  • Built-in to locker door to eliminate lost padlock situations.
  • Five combinations for reuse year after year.
  • Three ways to open lock - student key with large key head, supervisory key and combination.
  • Comes with 2 ADA keyheads.
  • Order control key separately.
Model #DescriptionList Price1-99100300500+
1636MKADASame as Master 1630 except master key enabled. Includes 2 student keys with ADA key heads. $26.62 $15.80 $14.85 $14.55 $14.25
1676MKADASame as Master 1670 except master key enabled. Includes 2 student keys with ADA key heads. $29.65 $17.65 $16.60 $16.30 $16.00
1695MKADASame as Master 1690 except master key enabled. Includes 2 student keys with ADA key heads. $32.52 $19.35 $18.20 $17.90 $17.60
K1695CMMaster Key for above $8.44 $4.90
K1695CRMCut individual student keys $8.44 $4.90

ADA Inspired Padlocks
Master Lock's ADA Inspired padlocks are designed to be easy to use and assist those with physical or cognitive challenges operate a lock on their own.
Master 2650 Push key padlock
Model 2650 Pushkey™
  • Simple to use - simply insert key - no turning required- pull down on flared body to open.
  • Includes four keys, two with large key covers which makes gripping easy for anyone.
  • Fits most Standard lockers.

Master #3 Padlock

Model 3MK
  • Standard Master Lock #3 padlock
  • Master keyed for supervisory access - order master key separately.
  • Use for students that have cognitive difficulties with combination locks.

1525EZRC Simple Combo™
  • Popular 1525 key-controlled combination padlock with simple combinations.
  • Only numbers printed on the dial are used - i.e. 5-10-15-20-25 etc.  Watch Video.
  • Available with colored dials and dial imprints.
Master Smooth Spin
2076 Smooth Spin™
  • No-grip dial lets users simply rub to open- essential for those with difficulty turning dials.
  • Key controlled for supervisory access - order separately.
  • Available in colors at no additional charge.
Model #DescriptionList Price1-99100300500+
2650Pushkey™ , no turn padlock, 4 keys included and 2 large key head covers. $17.95 $10.60 $9.95 $9.75 $9.45
3MKLaminated steel body lock $15.87 $9.35 $8.80 $8.65 $8.45
1525EZRCKey-controlled combination padlock with simple EZ combinatons. $10.33 $6.11 $5.75 $5.65 $5.50
2076SmoothSpin™ easy grip key-controlled combination padlock. Disc    
MKMaster key for #3 lock $8.44$4.90
K1525Control key for combination locks $8.44 $4.90